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Interfacing AT24C16D using I2C

Question asked by Shantanu Dhar on Oct 2, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by Shantanu Dhar

I am trying to interface at24c16d EEPROM through I2C protocol with lpc1549. I am trying to use lpcopen. But, it seems, the LPC Open library for I2C Master is not compatible with #AT24C16D. I guess, it has been tested with LM75 whose addressing is different from AT24C16D. Does anyone have any sample piece of code of interfacing AT24C16D with #LPC1549 using LPC Open library ?

Note : When I tried twisting the LPC Open library code to make it work as per the data sheet of AT24C16D it didn't work and I was getting NACK_ADDR from the slave.


Any hint, any sample piece of code (using LPC Open) would be highly appreciable.