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PF0200 - OTP Version Solo compatibility

Question asked by Maximilian Gastager on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by igorpadykov



i want to supply a i.MX6-Solo-Design with DDR3L using a PF0200.


As far as i understand the power-up process (datasheet 4.2.1) i need to apply the VDD_SNVS_IN / VDD_HIGH_IN (which are connected in my design) first and can then power up the other supplys in any order.


So i think i may be able to use the F6 - OTP-Variant of the PF0200, if i connect:

- VGEN6_VOLT for VDD_SNVS_IN / VDD_HIGH_IN (which is powered first)

- SW1 for core voltages (ARM; SOC) (order : 2)

- SW3 for Memory (order : 3)

- SW2 for IOs  (order : 4)

Is that correct?

Are there recommendation, which OTP-variant is suitable for which processor?