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DSC debugging and breakpoints

Question asked by TurboMan on Sep 29, 2016
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MC56F84789 in a custom board, USB Multilink FX @ default connection speed. Regular breakpoints inserted as "hardware" checked in debug setup. Codewarrior 10.6 basic nodelocked activated licence.

Application size = 110kB -O0, 97kB -O1.


I've always had poor behaviour on the debugger in my application. It won't stop at particular breakpoints (skidding) and will stop every time around a for() loop if the breakpoint is near it on the outside. It may also stop at a seemingly random position in code, as well as stopping at a previous sessions's breakpoint even when "remove all" has been chosen to remove all breakpoints.


This has made developing the application painful at times, awkward at best and impossible on occasion.


Now the debugger has this morning refused to stop on any breakpoint, and every download displays the message "Breakpoint warning: Unable to set all the breakpoints requested. Some breakpoints will be disabled and will not stop the processor"


I've asked an FAE about this and received some feedback, namely that optimisation will hinder correct debugger operation. Well, yes, but now even -O0 won't work. The DSC compiler doesn't have an optimisation level for debug.


I know the code is working, as I get comms and data back from our PC side app. I can pause the debugger and see it's going through the main loop, but putting a breakpoint anywhere doesn't stop the processor. As per the warning really.


The application I'm developing has in the past few weeks been launched in a new product for my company. Any ideas / suggestions welcome.