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The latency of run code in OCRAM is big

Discussion created by Dawei You Employee on Sep 29, 2016
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Hi everybody:


I write test code of 10000 accumulation code like below section, but the implement latency has big differency with theoretical value, the test condition is listed:

CA5 run in 400MHz, and platform clock 133MHz;
and run this code section in bareboard and MQX project, test result is listed:


code run conditionstime(us)Header 3Header 4Header 5
run code in bareboard in SRAM6000
run code in MQX in SRAM4500
run code in MQX in DDR400

you could see, the latency run code in RAM is huge than in DDR, but the difference between bareboard & MQX is not big, the MQX perform better for it enable L1 & L2 cache.


since the OCRAM clock is drive from system clock, I check this clock from CKO1, the clock is fine,

and I adjust this clock to other value by BUS_CLK_DIV, the result changed accordingly.

So I want to ask why the performance is bad, I checked AN4947, from the AN, the latency in SRAM is normal. Besides platform clock, any other factor will affect it?


I attached the test code also, including bardboard and MQX, I don't adjust other project code. 



/* Make sure the clock to the LPTMR is enabled */

/* Reset LPTMR settings */

/* Set the compare value to the number of ms to delay */
LPTMR0->CMR = 0xffff;//set max value

/* Set up LPTMR to use 32kHz LPO with no prescaler as its clock source */
LPTMR0->PSR |= LPTMR_PSR_PCS(0x3) | LPTMR_PSR_PBYP_MASK;//use 32K as clock source

/* Start the timer */


printf("GPIO Example!%d,%d\n",diff1,diff2);
//Turn on LED's by driving 0 (active low)
//Toggle PTB1

LPTMR0->CNR = 0;//must first write to the CNR with any value
j1 = LPTMR0->CNR*1000/128;
// tick1 = getticks();

// tick2 = getticks();
// difftick=tick2-tick1;

LPTMR0->CNR = 0;//must first write to the CNR with any value
j2 = LPTMR0->CNR*1000/128;

//Turn off LED's by driving 1
//Toggle PTB1


LPTMR0->CNR = 0;//must first write to the CNR with any value
j3 = LPTMR0->CNR*1000/128;

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