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EPD PMIC not recognized

Question asked by Joel Ronning on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2016 by Joel Ronning

I have a i,MX 6SoloLite Eval Kit.  I am booting off the MX6SLKEVK-E-INK SD card to Android.  I was not able to procure an IMXEBOOKDC3-3 Eval Kit for EINK as they are obsolete.  I did obtain the schematic and I have routed and built my own evaluation board which has a connector for the 6" EPD that I have obtained directly through eInk.  It is my understanding that my 6" EPD is compatible with the E060SCM drivers referenced in the Linux documentation.  I am working two paths 1) Linux - which will be what our final product will run on and 2) the Android demo provided with the Eval Kit.  I would like to get the Android demo to work as this a known working system as shipped from the factory.  I have a Linux image burned that boots and runs, I am having some issues figuring out how to specify the environment for the EPD on Linux.  I will come back to my Linux issues after I get the demo working under Android - or I am told that the Android demo can't be configured as I require.  


The first issue at hand appears to be that I used the TI TPS65180 PMIC on my board as I discovered the Maxim 17135 is obsolete.  I have verified my EPD adapter board's PMIC operation by pulling the PMIC enable signals to enabling the voltages independent of the i.MX6 evaluation board.  The TI PMIC is functioning properly ad providing the correct voltages to the correct pins on the display connector.  Unfortunately, I get an error message at the end of the Android boot that indicates a PMIC failure - it appears that the driver may be reading the device ID?  The PMIC does not get enabled and I do not see any activity on the EPD clock signals.  The PMIC voltages are also not active - I am assuming that the PMIC is not being enabled.  It is difficult to measure the enables directly with the i.MX6 eval board piggy-backed onto my EPD adapter board.


Is there a way to get the driver to ignore the PMIC or a way to specify the TI ?


Is the Android version set up similarly to the Linux version?  I have located where I need to use setenv to the E060 and I have located a file in the BSD EPD_E060SCM.fw and have copied this to this to the boot SD card.  However, I am not sure where to copy this to.  After copying it to the SD card, Linux still defaulted to the LCD display driver, i.e. it did not recognize the E060 configuration that I am trying to reach.  And advice here would be useful - I have downloaded some of the BSD. This is quite confusing so I am positive that things will get more clear as I become more familiar with.


Thanks, in advance, Joel.