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The Category System Is Being Abused

Discussion created by Mike Simmonds on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2016 by soledad

I notice that the category system is almost useless because members spam their questions in to many (or indeed all)

unrelated categories. I suspect that they think that they will get a quicker response thereby, but this evil and selfish

practice only serves to annoy and alienate other members.

Indeed I have taken to boycotting all such posts.




LPC54102 - DMA on 3 channels interrupts only one time instead of 3 times!

Categories: General lpc54xxx lpc800 lpc11xx lpc12xx lpc13xx lpc15xx lpc17xx lpc18xx lpc2000 lpc3xxx lpc40xx lpc43xx peripherals LPCOpen


What a complete and utter b*rst*rd!


If I select an LPC family category, for instance, I do not want to have to wade through and ignore totally unrelated posts!


Questions should be posted ONLY to the family to which it belongs and (only if appropriate) to either peripherals

or USB (or graphics). Questions about the sample code should only appear in LPCOpen.


If the question is NOT family specific, post only general.


I would ask that NXP 'earn their keep' by aggressively monitoring/moderating, this and correct errant category selection.

(And if members persist, warn and then ban them e.g. for a week or two as punishment/motivation.)


A sticky topic about proper choice of category would help newbies and selfish people.


[RANT mode off] Mike.