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How to setup debug configuration for TWR-KV58F220M board using the micro-USB option (OpenSDAv2) on KDS3.2 with KSDK2.0 running on Win7?

Question asked by Frank Zhang on Sep 28, 2016

I am new to the OpenSDA approach for debugging, and have to use the default micro-USB option for debugging for now. Could not find specific instruction on setting up debug configuration for TWR-KV58F220M board in KDS3.2/KSDK2.0 on Windows. Tried to select the 'GDB OpenOCD Debugging', with settings as following (see attached images). Keep getting error (image attached) on something related to stdin. Can someone share a working debug configuration for using micro-USB connection over OpenSDAv2 on KDS? BTW: I went to the mbed site downloaded and installed the mbedwinserial driver for my Win7 PC. Did not update the default OpenSDA firmware on the TWR-KV58F220M.