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I2C Eeprom free clocking

Discussion created by Mark de Jong on Jun 24, 2008
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Hello all,
After getting the second I2C bus working on the MCF5251 (the port configuration was wrong).
I have a new problem:
For error handling with EEPROMs the appliction note says, to generate 9 start sequences followed by one stop sequence.
To generate this sequence I have tried following code:
        MBAR2_MBCR = MBCR_MTX | MBCR_IEN;            MBAR2_MBCR |=  MBCR_MSTA;                /* generate start */        for (loop = 0; loop < 8; loop++)        {            MBAR2_MBCR |=  MBCR_RSTA;            /* generate restart */        }                MBAR2_MBCR &= ~MBCR_MSTA;                /* generate stop */        MBAR2_MBCR = 0;        MBAR2_MBCR = MBAR2_MBCR | MBCR_IEN;

It works when I single step through it, but not when running real-time, what am I doing wrong.
Regands Mark,