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LPC4330 UARTbaudrate

Question asked by Tom Saluzzo on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by Mike Simmonds

Page 1134 of the User Manual gives the equation for the UARTbaudrate. Section 40.6.3 on page 1123 of the User Manual states that :”… the baud rate clock, which must be 16x the desired baud rate”. Does this mean that the UARTbaudrate equation on page 1134 must generate a baud rate that is 16x the desired baud rate?



The following UARTbaudrate equation is copied from page 1134 of the User Manual:

 UARTbaudrate = PCLK / (16*(256*DLM+DLL)*(1+DivAddVal/MulVal)).


Is the above equation correct or should the equation be (note added parentheses around (DLM + DLL)):

 UARTbaudrate = PCLK / (16*(256*(DLM+DLL))*(1+DivAddVal/MulVal))?