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MPC567XADAT516 load program to external RAM (updated)

Question asked by hugo carnide on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by David Tosenovjan


I am facing an issue to use the board RAM available as 4Mb.

My context:

  • MPC567XADAT516 daughter board
  • MCU is MCP5676R
  • JTAG used with PEMicro Universal FX
  • Need to load a program only to RAM
    • As we are going to load different program to avoid write limit of flash.
  • The SRAM is too little to handle the full program


I run the Example XPC567XRKIT PinToggleStationery CW210 but I see something strange with the External RAM from debug memory display.

The content available at 20000000 is exactly the same as 20010000 as any other 64Kb addresses until the available zone defined in EBI.CS[0].OR.R.


It seems that the example does not configure the bus properly on the address/data bus and stays always with the same value.


Have someone experimented something similar or have an idea what I failed ?


Thanks, Hugo


Update on 2016.09.30:

  • There is a missing initialization Example
    • The PCR 0x246 to 0x24C of D_ADD12 to D_ADD15 need to be initialized to 0x440
    • This permit to access 448K but I have the issue with the following step with address 20080000