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my system only starts after a second reset

Question asked by Sandro Bastos on Sep 27, 2016
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i have a code that boot on twr-vf65gs10, from qspi and running in ddr, i mean, it's stored on qspi non xip mode, then, after reset or power on, vybrid copies the code to ddr and run it - ok, it works fine.


the problem: with our own hardware, that is strongly similar to twr, it only runs after a second reset; after power on the system does not start, then i press the reset button and it runs.


our hardware manages to boot from qspi since the destination memory is intram, or xip mode; in those cases, the system runs on power on; but if the destination memory is ddr, we need a second reset...


the ddr p/n is identical and so is the circuit.


has anyone had a similar issue?


thank you,


Bruno Castelucci

David Seymour

Karina Valencia Aguilar

Mark Middleton