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Continous auto focus

Question asked by karan bhagoji on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by karan bhagoji

Hello  all,


Having  a problem with the Camera. I am using the sabresd board(mx6) with android lollipop , freescale release with kernel 3.10.53.


With the problem about the Camera, we are looking into the camera continuous auto focus feature, I would like to implement the continuous auto focus feature i.e passive,active or hybrid on this version and my product. I am using the ov5640 mipi camera . As seen from the Hal and the frameworks that the continuous auto focus feature is disabled for the MIPI camera i.e by looking into the code of metering for AF and the AWB and also the parameters that are set in the HAL and the java frameworks. Also the Focus distance of the feature is disabled. , is there any piece of code or implementation already done? it would be of great help.

If not kindly guide us to implement the same.


At android  Hal layer we are using libcamera2 libaries.