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MC33907 configuration after SW reset

Question asked by manuela ielo on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2016 by manuela ielo

I'm using a MPC5643L connected to MC33907 as SBC. The SBC has been configured and the WDT fed correctly. Starting a SW update procedure the WDT window is disabled, then a SW reset is performed by MPC5643L to jump in a section of code to perform the update, and where the SBC is not configured.

Which is the MC33907  expected behaviour after a MCU SW reset? Does it preserve the configuration?


I run the same code on KIT33908MBEVBE and seems that SBC configuration is preserved, but on ECU where the SBC is MC33907 seems that configuration are lost. In both cases the sbc is not in debug mode.

There are any difference between MC33907  and MC33908 behaviour after MCU SW reset?





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