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Problems with BSP

Question asked by Norberto Jiménez on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by Norberto Jiménez

Hi, I have some problems with the build of a project. My tower is TWRK60D100M, and my MQX is 4.0. 

My workspace have a bsp, a psp, and a rtcs working sets (projects).  Additionally, I have a project that contains my application code, like this:


It marks that I have multiple definition of Task_template_list and it can't identify the generated functions from Processor Expert of BSP.


I tried to include the headers of the generated code, but didn't work. It can identify the headers, but not the generated functions. In the MQX_tenmplate_list[], CW reports that there are multiple-defined, but I have only one in my application code.


I don't know how to fix these erros. I tried to change configurations of the linker, but it didn't work.



Norberto Jiménez