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K64F FreeRTOS USB device CDC

Question asked by Dave Nadler on Sep 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by Tuan Anh Vo

I'm starting an evaluation of K64F using the Freeedom board.
Need to build a project using FreeRTOS and including:

  • USB OTG, initially supporting device-mode CDC
  • TCP/IP and Telnet or SSH
  • later, USB host mode supporting MSD (memory stick for logging, and bootloader SW updates)

A pretty common set of requirements for many of our customers and projects...


Unfortunately the "Project Generator" doesn't display the project names so I cannot read the list
(dope-slap to whomever did the GUI here - see below for too-small drop-down list without horizontal scroll).

What is the best example project to start with to quickly get the above functionality in place?
And how can I find it in this incompletely-displayed list?


Thanks in advance,
Best Regards, Dave