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MC 13192 transceiver hanging while receiving and transmitting simultaneously

Discussion created by Srideep Ghosh on Jun 23, 2008
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My objective is to create a cluster tree network where the end devices send periodic (say 3 seconds) beacons and the routers will forward it to the PAN Coordinator or to a designated router. All communication is done unicast.

I am facing a serious problem with the coordinator/Router (a FFD) receive and then transmit mcps packets on a periodic interval (say, while 3 devices are in range). the device (the mcu and/or the transceiver) is getting hanged after a while (irregular interval ranging from 2-3 minutes to 20 minutes). and calling the function PWRLib_Reset() doesn’t even work.

Let me explain my experimental setup in a bit more detail.

I am using MC 13192 transceiver, with HC08S MCU, along with the BeeKit(version generated demo 6 application on the 802.15.4 codebase (BeeKit Mac Codebase ver 1.0.0) and customizing it.

The PAN Coordinator: It is kept as it is. All capability info field is set to 1.

The Coordinator/Router: I am starting it as just another PAN coordinator -

A.    pMsg->msgType = gMlmeStartReq_c;
        pStartReq = &pMsg->msgData.startReq;
        pStartReq->panCoordinator = TRUE;

B.    gCapInfoAltPanCoord_c = 0

The End Device: Have set  gCapInfoAltPanCoord_c = 0

The communication is happening but after a while (not regular) the routers are getting hanged.

I have tried setting the gMPibRole_c to 0x00, 0x01, 0x02 for end device, router, PAN Coord respectively. e.g.
    uint8_t value = 0x01
    pMsg->msgType = gMlmeSetReq_c;
    pMsg->msgData.setReq.pibAttribute = gMPibRole_c;
    pMsg->msgData.setReq.pibAttributeValue = &value;
    ret = MSG_Send(NWK_MLME, pMsg);

This did not show any difference.

                  I have also tried changing the gMPibPanIdConflictDetection_c attribute to FALSE. Also set the gMacEventPanIdConflict_c to 0 in the NwkMacInterface.h file, so that the PAN coordinator conflict wont occur (just in case) between the Router and the PAN coordinator and the end devices.

This did not solve the problem also.

Is the MC 13192 transceiver hanging a known errata while receiving and transmitting. I understand that the transceiver interfaces with the MCU with 4 SPI and it is in the streaming mode not packet mode.

The same hanging problem exists in the broadcast mode also.

I am desperately seeking some help to resolve this transceiver hanging issue.

If you require more information please let me know.

please help.