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CAN with FRDM-K64F

Question asked by Thomas Olenik on Sep 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by German Rivera

I have a CAN interface circuit utilizing an MC33901 transceiver that I want to use with the K64 or K26 that I have used successfully with the KE06 at 1 Mbps. Has anyone successfully used a CAN transceiver with the FRDM-K64F board?  I'm successfully using the circuit with a FRDM-KE06 with no issues plugged into PTC6 and PTC7, but I get a "Error Passive" in CanKing when I try to do the same with FRDM-K64F. I suspect the issue is with my clock configuration. I'm trying to achieve a bus speed of 1 Mbps. I'm thinking maybe the FRDM-K64F just can't achieve an accurate enough clock for 1 Mbps or should it be possible? I'm trying to us Processor Expert for this test. It would be nice to get some CAN traffic working with the dev board before committing to a prototype of my PCB.