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iMX6ul-EVK: u-boot in qspi

Question asked by Jim Brooke on Sep 23, 2016
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I don't seem to be able to figure out how to get one of the NXP-provided u-boot images to load from the qspi on the i.MX6ul-EVK.  I'm trying to use u-boot-imx6ulevk_qspi1.imx that's included with the L4.1.15-1.0.0_ga mfg-tools package.


I am able to load this u-boot image via imx_usb_loader, and get to a u-boot prompt while running out of RAM.  I then issue commands to retrieve the u-boot-imx6ulevk_qspi1.imx image via tftp and write it to qspi:


tftp $loadaddr /tftpboot/u-boot-imx6ulevk_qspi1.imx

sf probe 0

sf erase 0 80000

sf write $loadaddr 400 40000


When I reset the board, I don't get any u-boot output on the console.  Any suggestions?  Am I using the correct u-boot image for the EVK?  The IVT offset is 0x400 in QSPI?


I have the boot-mode switches at On-Off (Internal boot) and the boot device switches all Off (QSPI).


Any ideas?