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P1010 data corruptions on 10/100Mb LAN speed in SGMII mode

Question asked by Serhiy Hryhorchuk on Sep 22, 2016

We have a custom project based on Р1010 processor with 3 network interfaces connected to PHY (Marvell 88E1112) using SGMII interface. P1010 => SGMII => 88E1112 => 10/100/1000BASE-T.

During tests we found out that when the link rate was 10/100Mb the data transmitted by the processor were corrupted while the received data were not corrupted.

When the rate was 1000Mb there were not any problems and the data were transmitted in both directions without any corruptions.

We use QorIQ SDK 1.8. We tried to use QorIQ SDK 1.9 but the result was the same.

Could you help us to find out the reasons for corruptions with data transmitted at 10/100Mb rate please.