Christian Keydel

S12X Flash Programming: Don't understand "Load Data Field" command

Discussion created by Christian Keydel on Jun 23, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by Steven Paley
Would one of the gurus on this board help me out? I am trying to understand the "Load Data Field" command (0x05). This is the part that I don't get, from the reference manual:
The Load Data Field command is executed to provide FCCOB parameters for multiple P-Flash blocks for a future simultaneous program operation in the P-Flash memory space. Upon clearing CCIF to launch the Load Data Field command, the FCCOB registers will be transferred to the Memory Controller and be programmed in the block specified at the global address given with a future Program P-Flash command launched on a P-Flash block.  
What exactly can one do with it? I understand the flash program and erase commands, but this one is...nebulous to me.

Thanks, Chris