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P1010 Secure Boot

Question asked by Jason Kalin on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by ufedor

There is a mechanism in the following document/link/post that appears to be using an i2c sequence to force a secure boot without permanently burning any fuses - just writing the shadow registers and resetting.  Can this be applied on the P1010RDB?  It seems to imply it may need some FPGA support?


Secure boot for Non-PBL Platform 


Generally, I have not been able to find a clear P1010-specific procedure for soft-fused and hard-fused secure boot prototyping and manufacturing that has relatively high level tools (u-boot or linux command line[no register writing or CCS]) for doing everything from code signing thru  soft and/or hard fuse burning and testing.  I have pieces here and there in the platform manual, the SDK manual, the manufacturing for trust whitepapers - Does anybody know if this exists?



Jason Kalin