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How to connect reference board to Automobile and is SWCAN available?

Question asked by Rodney Fulk on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by Rodney Fulk

Hello, I have some i.MX6 reference boards from Boundary Devices and I would like to try connecting them to my vehicle to look at CANBUS traffic.


Am I safe to just connect the ground, can+ and can- to the related ports in my car?


My Vehicle has 2 different bus types and I would like to be able to connect to either one. My assumption is that the boards as I have them will connect to the standard canbus without issue but in my late model GM vehicle it also has a low speed SWCAN (single wire can) bus as well. Does anyone make an i.MX6 board that I can purchase that can connect to both types of buses?


Ideally I would like a board with support for 2 CANBUS and 2 SWCAN connections. There is a RPi solution available that I have in my possession but I don't believe it would work well as designed with the i.MX boards even with a RPi compatible expansion connection.


I probably could have split this into two different questions but figured they were hopefully mostly related.


Rodney Fulk