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Suitable H-Bridge Part To Driver Mirror Motor / Actuator

Question asked by Bright Wang on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by Jose Alberto Reyes Morales

Does NXP Has Similar Solution Like ST's L9953XP Series For Door Zone Motor Control? I Find Some Part Like H-Bridge Gate Driver In This Demo Article Car Mirror But It Seems Not Really Well For Retractable Mirror Design. We Need At Least 5 Half Bridge And 3 High Side Driver. After A Survey To NXP's Bridge Driver I Find Following

HB2000| SPI Programmable 10A H-Bridge Brushed|NXP 

HB2001| SPI Programmable 10A H-Bridge Brushed|NXP 

H-Bridge Motor Driver, 2-7V, 1.4A, 200kHz|NXP 

MC33931|H-Bridge, Brushed DC Motor Driver|NXP 


As You See They Are Not Fully Integrated And Focusing For Door Mirror Control. If We Use Either Of Them Of NXP's Solutions We Should Use More Than One Part. 


So My Question Is Is Where A Part With 5 Above Half Bridges And 3 High Side Driver Like ST's ドア・モジュール・ドライバ - STMicroelectronics Solutions For Door Zone Control Design? And Where Can I Get The Demo Board / Design Reference Of Car Mirror Article?