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Issue booting Imx6 with 3.16 kernel

Question asked by Pratham Rahte on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by Pratham Rahte

I am working on imx6-sabresd board. I am trying to port linux kernel 3.16( from to board. I have used the link Installing Ubuntu Rootfs on NXP i.MX6 boards to set up u-boot, kernel and rootfs. I am able to boot board with u-boot.

But when it is starting kernel, it is trying to load rootfs from mmcblk0p2 instead of mmcblk2p2 which is my sdcard having rootfs.  I tried with kernel 3.14 from above page it is able to boot with no issues. Any guess why it is happening ? Is there something that needs to be done in kernel source code?