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The color coefficients used for converting from yuv to rgb

Question asked by Gyuro Park on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by Gyuro Park

Hi there,


In i.MX6DL/Q GPU SDK, it is coming through with the several formats of the pixel data extended noted in gl2ext.h:

 #define GL_VIV_YV12 0x8FC0
 #define GL_VIV_NV12 0x8FC1
 #define GL_VIV_YUY2 0x8FC2
 #define GL_VIV_UYVY 0x8FC3
 #define GL_VIV_NV21 0x8FC4


With GL_VIV_NV12 I am currently trying to render the textures, but the color quality being shown in display seems to be not as good as I expected.

As for the degradation, I could guess that this issue is related to the color coefficients used for converting from YUV (in that case, NV12) to RGB.



could anyone comment the color coefficients used in Vivante GPU engine?

or could I adjust the color coefficients via any API?



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