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Boolean Variables / Bit fields using CW 4.7 + PE 2.98 - signedness/Bit order problems?? [S12XDP512]

Discussion created by Florian Teply on Jun 23, 2008
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Hi Folks,

right now i encounter some problem that puzzles me: In my current project, i use some boolean variables and bit fields. In PE_Types.h there are also the #define's and typedef's needed for this (typedef unsigned char bool; #define TRUE 1;#define FALSE 0:smileywink:

But, and that's how the problems show up, on some occasion such a boolean variable, which should be either 0 or 1 decimal, but nothing else, shows as 128 (have seen other values as well, 50, 212, 192 and more) in the debugger, which is far from what i would expect.

On top of that (but maybe related) i have some unsigned chars (uint8_t to be exact) set up as bit fields in order to hold some flags. Right now i'm using only the 4 least significant Bits using constructs like "if (var & __CURRENT) { do_some(); var &= ~__CURRENT; }", __CURRENT being replaced by the preprocessor as stated by "#define __CURRENT 0x04" so as to have some more verbosity in the source. But even though i currently am working just on the lower 4 bits, the upper 4 bits of that unsigned char occasionally get set in some semi-random way, about half the time i see it, they're the given Pattern ~__CURRENT shifted by four bits to the left...
I checked and double-checked my code if i was somewhere did arithmetics instead of logical instructions (like adding some value instead of OR'ing a bit or subtracting instead of AND'ing the inverse) but haven't found any going over all the files (including those generated by ProcessorExpert) several times.

Any suggestions on this??

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