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I2C Block/No-Block, polling

Question asked by Kent Gu on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2016 by Hui_Ma


Use Kinetis K22F to read/write I2C E2PROM, found there are Block, no Block, polling, call back examples. From the examples code, I can't find what difference, don't know which source code for my application. My understanding base on term meaning is the following for communication, 

   -Block,  means that the function does not return until the transmit is complete, the flowing code can't run until the block function finish Tx or Rx.

   -No-block, the function returns immediately after initiating the transmit function, the flowing code can run without No-block function finish Tx or Rx.

   -Polling & callback, should be used  for no-block Tx and Rx, to check the state of Tx and Rx.


But seems that my explain are not right, could you please help me the below question,

   -What meaning of Block, no Block, polling, call back?

   -Which example I should use to make K22F read/write I2C E2PROM?


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