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Decoding failed for Full HD video

Question asked by Mukesh kumar on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2016 by Joan Xie


We are using libimxvpuapi example code(decode-example.c) to test the h.264 decoding with below command on imx nitrogen6x board with linux operating system.


./decode-example -i ../test.h264 -o test.yuv

(test.h264 is the Big Buck Bunny video)


 Decoding of h.264 for 320x240 resolution is working , but not working for 1920x1080 resolution, we are getting error as below. Can anyone please help to solve this?


imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:529 (imx_vpu_dec_load) trace: VPU decoder load instance counter: 0
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:540 (imx_vpu_dec_load) info: libimxvpuapi version 0.10.2 fslwrapper backend
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:547 (imx_vpu_dec_load) trace: loaded decoder
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:607 (imx_vpu_dec_get_bitstream_buffer_info) trace: determined alignment 8 and size 5236736 for the physicar
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:194 (default_dmabufalloc_allocate) trace: allocated 5236736 bytes of physical memory
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:649 (imx_vpu_dec_open) info: about to allocate 2 memory sub blocks
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:691 (imx_vpu_dec_open) info: allocated memory sub block #0: type: virtual size: 5664 alignment: 8 virt0
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:691 (imx_vpu_dec_open) info: allocated memory sub block #1: type: physical size: 5236736 alignment: 8 0
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:697 (imx_vpu_dec_open) trace: opening decoder
[INFO] bitstreamMode 1, chromaInterleave 0, mapType 0, tiled2LinearEnable 0
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:729 (imx_vpu_dec_open) trace: setting configuration
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:760 (imx_vpu_dec_open) trace: successfully opened decoder
encoded input frame: frame id: 0x64 size: 31008729 byte
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:1013 (imx_vpu_dec_decode) log: VPU_DecDecodeBuf buf ret code: 0x0
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:1019 (imx_vpu_dec_decode) ERROR: decoding frame failed: unspecified error
imx_vpu_dec_decode() failed: unspecified error
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:781 (imx_vpu_dec_close) trace: closing decoder
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:792 (imx_vpu_dec_close) ERROR: flushing decoder failed: unspecified error
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:815 (imx_vpu_dec_close) trace: closed decoder
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:214 (default_dmabufalloc_deallocate) trace: deallocated 5236736 bytes of physical memory
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:558 (imx_vpu_dec_unload) trace: VPU decoder load instance counter: 1
imxvpuapi_fslwrapper.c:572 (imx_vpu_dec_unload) trace: unloaded decoder