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Unable to communicate using external I2C

Question asked by Mahendra Upadhyaya on Sep 20, 2016
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I have a question regarding the external I2C block in Processor expert. I am using CodeWarrior version 10.6.4 and the micro controller is part of the MC9S12ZVC family and I am using a USB multilink universal debugger to communicate. I am trying to receive messages from my processor to a tilt sensor (MMA8653FCR1). When I step into the code of the receive block (EI2C1_RecvBlock) it looks like the data is never received.  

As per the code above, the value of acknowledge is always set to '1' which I assume means that the tilt sensor has received the data request. Below is a screenshot of the configuration -


Is there some sort of basic mistake that I am committing ? Also am I supposed to see pulses in the IICSCL or IICSDA lines when I transmit data (using EI2C1_SendBlock) ?


Once again I would deeply appreciate it if someone could provide some insight.