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Using USB-HSIC controller in peripheral mode

Question asked by Didier Leymarie on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by igorpadykov

Hello, everyone

I'm using a Freescale SoC (confidential) which has some common points with an IMX6. I'm working under Linux 3.10.17.

This SoC has 3 USB controller (chipidea). The two first are OTG, the third is HSIC.


I modified the driver (drivers/usb/chipidea/ci_hdrc_imx.c, usbmisc_imx.c) to support this chip and its HSIC controller.


When operating in host mode (dr_mode ="host" in DTS), this is OK: a chip SMSC9730 (HSIC to Ethernet) is detected, right driver is loaded, ethernet interface is OK.


My target application is to use this SoC as a HSIC peripheral.

I connected my board through HSIC to an other board set as a HSIC host.

I set my board in peripheral mode (dr_mode = "peripheral" in DTS).

I load module g_ether and nothing happens on host board: no detection of RNDIS/Ethernet gadget.


Did someone already use USB-HSIC in peripheral mode ?

Can someone suggest a way to setup a HSIC peripheral ?

Can anybody help me?