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KSDK 2.0 msc lite data receive seems to be asynchronous

Question asked by Maximilian Niedernhuber on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by Maximilian Niedernhuber


I modified the Demo KL26Z256/dev_composite_cdc_msc_lite_bm to work togher with a SPI flash.

But the demo code have a strange behavior.

It seems that USB_DeviceRecvRequest does not receive data immediately. If I add a delay after this funktion everything works great. However what flag I have to check to know that the data receive is finished?



usb_status_t USB_DeviceMscRecv(usb_device_msc_struct_t *mscHandle)
    usb_status_t error = kStatus_USB_Success;
    usb_device_lba_app_struct_t lba;

    lba.offset = mscHandle->currentOffset;
    /*bulkOutBufferSize is the application buffer size, USB_DEVICE_MSC_MAX_RECV_TRANSFER_LENGTH is the max transfer
       length by the hardware,
       lba.size is the data pending  for transfer ,select the minimum size to transfer ,the remaining will be transfer
       next time*/

    lba.size = (mscHandle->bulkOutBufferSize > USB_DEVICE_MSC_MAX_RECV_TRANSFER_LENGTH) ?
    lba.size =
        (mscHandle->transferRemaining > lba.size) ? lba.size : mscHandle->transferRemaining; /* whichever is smaller */
    lba.buffer = nandGetWriteCachePtr();
    if (mscHandle->currentOffset < (mscHandle->totalLogicalBlockNumber))
        error = USB_DeviceRecvRequest(g_deviceComposite->deviceHandle, mscHandle->bulkOutEndpoint, lba.buffer, lba.size);
        for(int i=100000;i;i--);
        nandWriteCache( lba.offset );
        //if(lba.size != 2048)
        //printf("USB Write Sector %lu Size %lu \n",lba.offset, lba.size);

        printf("USB Write Sector currentOffset smaller than lba\n");
        mscHandle->needOutStallFlag = 0;
        mscHandle->outEndpointStallFlag = 1;
        mscHandle->dataOutFlag = 0;
        mscHandle->stallStatus = (uint8_t)USB_DEVICE_MSC_STALL_IN_DATA;
        USB_DeviceStallEndpoint(g_deviceComposite->deviceHandle, mscHandle->bulkOutEndpoint);
    return error;



Thanks a lot and best regards