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Processor Expert performance

Question asked by Suhaas Koparde on Jun 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2008 by Tom Thompson
Dear Forum Members,
I am using MC9S12GC32CPB16 in one of my projects. I am using Codewarrior 4.6 build 6345. I am using Processor Expert feature for my project coding. While working on the code, I came across a discussion on optimization  for code size and execution speed. Whether code generated by Processor expert adds extra overhead from size as well as execution point of view for overall project code? Whether it is beneficial to use Processor expert though it eases coding for processor peripherals? I am using SPI, SCI, Simulated SPI, Watchdog, Timer, Capture, RTI, BitIO beans for my project. Your earliest help in this regard will help me decide whether to use PE or standard way of coding.
Thanks in advance.