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UART goes out of synch?

Question asked by Louis Thiery on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by Louis Thiery


I'm having trouble on the imx6ul-evk. When I boot off of U-Boot/Linux SD Card included in the kit, I get serial output properly but it locks up randomly. Sometimes it's during the boot process, sometimes it gets all the way to the login screen and I can login.


If I skip the boot and play the the U-Boot environment, it eventually locks up as well. I tried burning the latest image to another card but I get the same issue.


I recompiled U-Boot but using UART2 which I interfaced with via the Arduino headers, but I get the same issue.


Any ideas for future troubleshooting? I could bypass UART and talk to the board over Ethernet, but clearly this remains an annoying issue.