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Port u-boot to MPC8360 / MPC8358

Question asked by Elison Niven on Jun 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2008 by Sachin Rao
Dear All,

My task is to port linux to MPC8358E on a custom board. Before that I need to port u-boot to the same.

I did not find any information in all the documentation/forums I have searched so far. (If there is one, I am extemely sorry to have missed it)

The MPC8358 is connected with a FLASH on the local bus and  DDR2 RAM. A 32 KB I2C EEPROM is provided for the first boot.

I understand that I need to set to reset source pins the first time so as to load the reset configuration words from the I2C EEPROM.

The I2C EEPROM will have data in the format as specified in the datasheet.

From what I understand, I need to have some code running that initializes the UART (?) and copies the received data to some RAM (?) location. Then I need to build and transfer the u-boot binary to the MPC and give the control to u-boot. I am (kind of) clear with what to do next once u-boot is running, but how do I port u-boot to the board?

I have a very general idea and do not know from where to actually get started. Can anyone please throw some light on this?

Best Regards,