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MPC574xG : connection not available through laughterbach

Question asked by Neo Jung Employee on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by Neo Jung

Hello Sir,


I faced an abnormal JTAG phenomenon on Calypso 3M family when I used Laughterbach.

It's a simple phenomenon but I couldn't find the root cause.

When I tried to "sys.up" command on my Calypso 3M through Laughterbach, I can't attach to device and the message "emulation debug port fail" was printed.

But the weird thing is, I can definitely access to device through Multilink + S32DS combination.

Here is the device information and I would like to receive a feedback from whom had been solved this kind of problem.

Also Please refer to the attached waveform difference between Multilink and Laughterbach.




FYI, I didn't program any binary, In other words, it's a empty device.


Best regards,