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Question asked by wulin weng on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by Daniel Chen

Dear support:

our project used mqx4.1 tcp/ip stack, and now we so some network storm testings. we found an issue and the test report is below:

Achilles reported that when MC510 was subjected to TCP Grammar – Header fields
test, TCP port 443/tcp went down for 100 seconds but came back to normal open state
port-test. This was due to fuzzing of the TCP header fields in the TCP request packet.
This was observed only when bunch of test cases were run against the device and was
not reproducible when only failing test cases were rerun. All remaining services on
device were accessible during and after the test. LED status was also normal during and
after the test. It is recommended that device should properly validate header fields in the
TCP request packet before processing.


can you show me any information about the tcp header fields check or if the mqx4.2 verison is fixing the bug, please tell me.