Debug and Status of Variables

Discussion created by Rodo55 on Jun 22, 2008
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I am using CodeWarreior V6.1 Build 7285-29Oct07 with a DEMOQE board running a MC9S08QE8 MCU and I'm not sure if I have the options set for it to see data in Debug Mode. I don't have any trouble downloading or running my programs but I don't see the data variables or registers changing when I look at them in debug mode.
Interface is: USB HC08 Multi Link USB
Port is: DEMOQE on USB1 (Autodetected)
It connects and resets just fine when I download the program. I have to power cycle with the power switch to get the program to run but I think that's normal?
LED PTC5 blinks like it's supposed to and when I press switch PTA2, LEDs PTC0 and PTC1 toggle. So I know the program is running.
I've made sure the Debug is enabled on the chip but it doesn't seem to be working.
When I go to the window "Data1" and look at PTCD data bits they do not change. I have change the "Mode" from Automatic to Periodical with a 1*100 ms rate. But it didn't have any effect.
I searched the CodeWarrior and 8 Bit threads but I don't see any solutions. I also tried using the "Help" section of the debugger but everything it suggested didn't work.
Does anyone have any idea's?
Thanks in advance,