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imx6 hdmi audio output problem

Question asked by li xiaohui on Sep 18, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by li xiaohui

In my android-jb4.3 + imx6dl  sabresd board,  hdmi audio can't be output when conneted with TV using hdmi cable.

I try my best to find out the reason for several days ,but haven't successed.

these are my result after  investigation.

1: connect this TV with another board using hdmi cable, this TV can work at 1080p and also i can hear audio sound from it.

2: connect this  hdmi TV with our sabresd board, this TV can work at 480P, also in this videomode ,we can hear hdmi sound. but when making it work at >480P (720P or 1080P), the video output is good , but can't hear any sound from TV.

also, the detail timming of 720P and 480P i set are supported by this TV's edid. in other words , every trying, our borad can read the edid information from this TV sucessfully. 

so i wonder why at high resolution(720P),hdmi audio can't be outputed ?


on our imx6 platform, we havn't modify the hardware(imx6 sabresd) and software(imx6 android jb4.3) about hdmi.  but from android_jb4.3_1.1.0-ga Release_Notes, hdmi audio can be supported.


Many thanks if anybody can help me or give me some suggestions on this problem.