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Pressure sensor selection

Question asked by Jeff Rickard on Sep 18, 2016
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I'd like help selection an air pressure sensor chip for a new product. I'll give a summary of our requirements here:

- Size: Not critical, but we're looking for a PCB-mount chip to measure the air pressure at the chip.

- Pressure range: Normal ambient pressures at normal ground altitudes.

- Operating temperature range: Preferably at least 0-60 Celsius.

- Interface: For design simplicity, an I2C or SPI interface would be highly desirable.

- Sample rate: We need accurate data at about 10Hz, so allowing for noise I expect we need about 100Hz or higher.

- Voltage: Preferably 3.3V, but we can probably design around 1.8V or 5V.

- Power: Fairly important, preferably in the Milliampere range, but we can make allowances for more power if necessary.

- Cost: Around a couple of dollars per chip.

- Accuracy: This is critical. We do not need absolute accuracy or temperature stability, but we need to accurately measure pressure differences over a period of seconds with a resolution of 1Pa (0.001 kPa). We're well aware that this will be beyond the specifications of any chip we choose, but I believe that over a period of seconds with no need for temperature stability or stability over longer periods of time, and appropriately filtering the data to remove noise, we should be able to achieve a 1Pa resolution for measuring pressure difference at about a 10Hz rate.