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Using differencing tool to compare RAppID autogenerated code

Question asked by duanemattern on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by duanemattern

I'm experimenting with the TRK-MCP5606B kit using CodeWarrior MCU (V10.6 Eclipse) and RAppID for peripheral setup.  Since I'm changing the peripheral functioning, I want to see the differences in the generated code, but all of the files are different because of the date/time stamp built into the Block Comments "/* */".  I typically use KDiff3, but I've also tried DiffMerge and WinMerge and I've not been able to configure any of these to ignore block comments, (and I search google for options to setup these tools, none of the options worked for multi-line comment blocks).  The "SED" script for ignoring comments only works on a single line and I need to ignore multi-line comment. 

/* ....


        ... */


So my question is, does anyone having a suggestion (free, without installing Perl or stripping the comments from the files using a tool like stripcmt), for ignoring block comments when doing a diff?   I'm guessing this has been done and  I'm just missing the correct filter script.