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compiled kernel image: cannot execute binary file

Question asked by Max Ruttenberg on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by Max Ruttenberg

I'm working with T10 series, specifically the T1023RDB. 

Here's my problem:

  1. I compile a linux image, a root file system, and device tree for the target board
    • bitbake fsl-image-core
  2. I boot from these binaries following the directions in the SDK manual. 
    • tftp 1000000 uImage
    • tftp 4000000 fsl-image-core-t1023rdb.ext2.gz.u-boot
    • tftp 9000000 uImage-t1023rdb.dtb
    • bootm 1000000 4000000 9000000
  3. I build the toolchain and source the environment file (same board support package as the kernel image)
    • bitbake fsl-toolchain
    • bash tmp/deploy/sdk/(install-file-name).sh
    • source /opt/fsl-qoriq/2.0/(environment-setup-name).sh
  4. I compile a simple C program with this environment  
    • $CC hello.c -o hello.x
  5. I try to run it on the board and I get this message : "cannot execute binary file"
    • (configure the ethernet ports, acquire hello.x)
    • . ./hello.x
    • -sh: .: ./hello.x: cannot execute binary file


Frankly, I'm stumped. The interpreter is /lib/ which seems to be present on the board. Oddly enough, if I just let the board boot without using my images, the executable can run just fine.