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MPC5643L Boot without VDD_HV_ADR

Question asked by jinjingyang Employee on Sep 18, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2016 by Lukas Zadrapa

Dear Sir,


I tested on MPC5643L EVB and found that the MCU can boot without applying VDD_HV_ADR.

But it get stuck at the following code:

//ME_GS Wait for external osc to stabilize.

    while(ME.GS.B.S_XOSC==0)    {};

Even I applied 5V to VDD_HV_ADR at this moment, the software was still stuck here.

Then I reset the MCU and it can run normally and complete all clock initialization.


Can you help explain the above boot process? Why would I be stuck at the crystal initialization?

And customer's question is what's the max allowed delay between VDD_HV_ADR and other supplies for MCU to boot successfully at the very first time.



Jason Yang