A problem with the CCA requset and response [Freescale's 802.15.4 implementation]

Discussion created by venca on Jun 22, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2008 by venca

I have a problem with the clear channel assessment. I'm using the Freescale's 802.15.4 MAC_PHY_SW 1.061 (MyApp_Ex05a) on MC 13213 (SRB). The communication with the modem works well. After the Init_802_15_4() is called I start the CCA (the next step of the state machine). Then I get the interrupt request with the CCA_IRQ. I thing this is ok so far. The ISR serves the CCA_IRQ request this way:
      if (retReg & cCCA_IRQ)       DummyISR(); // Ignore CCA irq here. Fast action catches it. (Otherwise ignore the failure)

The DummyISR() does nothing. The problem is that I don't know where the fast action should be called. I found that there are methods like SetupPendingCca() and DoFastCcaEof(). They may be called before/after  (?) the Cca is done, but they does'nt. I would ask someone familiar with this software for help.