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How to transfer files between multiple IMX6 devices?

Discussion created by Prasanna Prabhu S on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by jimmychan

I have 4 imx6 devices in which one device will act as server and other as client, connected in a ring fashion via Ethernet and need to transfer data among each other.Currently I am trying with tftp method. I am able to download files using tftp mechanism given one of pc tftp server is running and running tftp client in all the devices. But I am not aware how to setup a tftp server in Imx6 sabre based board because in my requirement I need to transfer among the devices and not from PC. Did any one worked on setting up tftp server in IMX6 or any similar board or any other mechanism to transfer the files among the subordinate IMX6 via ethernet?