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i.MX6UL custom board consume power even after shutdown?

Question asked by Punit Kumar on Sep 17, 2016
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I'm testing an i.MX6UL custom board for power characteristics and got some unusual results/observations.

My custom board is incorporated with i.MX6UL with micron LPDDR2 (2Gb) and eMMC(4GB). The board is being operated at 198MHz CPU clock. Board is running Yocto and all major peripherals disabled, only some UART, I2C and SPI are in use and i have some other chips on board.

Board is running at 3.7V fixed voltage.


>> I observed that when running on 198MHz the board consumes 67mA. And 100mA is consumed when running at 528MHz.

>> And when put to dorment mode, the board still consume 57mA, which means there is no significant power saving in power down mode.

>> And after shutting down the board, the power, in spite of reducing, increased upto 135mA, now that is something i can't link.


Can anyone help me finding the power required and to reduce the power consumption for low power modes??



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