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Beacon Scanner Events

Question asked by Tim Adkins on Sep 16, 2016

I am working on a beacon scanner for the KW30Z – actually iBeacons. I got it to recognize iBeacons, but it only scans for a short period of time and stops – like maybe one round of all the beacons in the area. In fact when I removed one from the area and then brought it back later, it did not trigger an event for the new beacon. mScanningOn stays set and Gap_StopScanning() doesn’t get called. It requires a Gap_StopScanning() and another App_StartScanning() for it to find the beacons again. It wasn’t doing this at first, but I had other problems and have changed other things which shouldn’t affect this.

Is there a setting that causes it to only trigger one event for a particular scanned device?
If yes, is it keeping a list of them somewhere? How do I access it? Can I set filtering up for what it keeps on the list? Can I set up a timeout for how long they are kept on the list?

I have my own code on this stuff, but if there is something built in, I should probably use it.