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LPC43xx: Generating PWM with timer 0/1/2/3

Question asked by andreasklockner on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by Tyler Drazich

Hi there,

due to the fact, that on many microcontrollers one can use timers to generate PWM signals, I tried to generate a PWM signal (Duty 0% - 100%) with the Timer module of the LPC4337.

Unfortunately, I ran into problems. At the moment, it seems, that this is not possible without using interrupts (and thus jitter).


What I did:

- init timer 3

- set match register to 20% duty

- set pin LOW on match  (or HIGH on match).


Result: Pin was always LOW (or HIGH).


Reason: it seems, that there is NO possibility to reset the PIN, when timer overflows (or reset by an other match). Thus it's not possible to generate a PWM with a variable duty cycle.


Or have I misunderstood the timer module? Is there a way to configure it to output PWM signals (without interrupt activity)