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PN7120 interfacing with 8-Bit MCU Help on configutation

Question asked by N.Chandra Sekhar on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by N.Chandra Sekhar


we are trying to build an NFC reader,we have choosen PN7120. in the Null os example, though it says the NXPNCI library works for both PN7150/PN7120 , the RF config table is missing..if we load same RF CONF for 1st gen PN7120,will it work. can u able to provide RF CONFIG values for  PN7120.

1. in code do we need to load all the config ? i.e

#define NXP_CORE_CONF                 0
#define NXP_CORE_CONF_EXTN        0
#define NXP_CORE_STANDBY         0
#define NXP_RF_CONF                         1


in the example, only RF_CONF is it enough or do we need to load other ConF also?


still many doubts on the way ;-) ..Thank u