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Question asked by Giovinetti Roberto on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by David Sherman

Hello everybody

I spent a lot of time to try to get watchdog running, but I can't obtain any results.

I configured Watchdog as below:


At the begininng a routine called __init_hardware() in the c file arm_strart.c sets the WDOG as


void __init_hardware()
   SCB_VTOR = (uint32_t)__vector_table; /* Set the interrupt vector table position */

   /* Disable the Watchdog because it may reset the core before entering main(). */

   WDOG_TOVALH = 0x00; // setting timeout value
   WDOG_TOVALH = 0x64; // setting timeout value
   WDOG_CS2 = 0x01; // setting 1-kHz clock source
   WDOG_CS1 = 0x27; // Watchdog disabled,
   // Watchdog interrupts are disabled. Watchdog resets are not delayed,
   // Updates allowed. Software can modify the watchdog configuration registers within 128 bus clocks after performing the    unlock write sequence,
   // Watchdog test mode disabled,
   // Watchdog enabled in chip debug mode,
   // Watchdog enabled in chip wait mode,
   // Watchdog enabled in chip stop mode.


In the main of the program I immediatly call MCU_Init() procedure, and I reconfigure WDog registers as below:


void MCU_Init(){

      //-------------------------- WATCHDOG -------------------------------------------------------------------
      WDOG_CNT = 0x20C5; // write the 1st unlock word
      WDOG_CNT = 0x28D9; // write the 2nd unlock word
      WDOG_TOVALH = 0x00; // setting timeout value
      WDOG_TOVALL = 0x6E; // setting timeout value 0x6E = 110ms...
      WDOG_CS2 = 0x01; // setting 1-kHz clock source
      WDOG_CS1 = 0x87; // enable counter running



When I control WDOG register during Debug session I can see that the values above are written in the registers, but the counter doesn't run, and so I don't have the MCU reset after 110ms. I can't understand why! I've tried to run software not in the Debug mode, but the result is still the same. I've checked examples and I think that I'm not doing mistakes, Ican't really understand why it doesn't work!


Thank you very much!