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KL27 ROM BootLoader configuration

Question asked by Aleksey Starovoytov on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by Mykhaylo Shcherbak

We do use KL27 ROM Bootloader to update the firmware on our device via USB port. We use code from datasheet to initiate the bootloader. It works fine; however, we have UART0 connected to remote IC, and when MCU in the bootloader mode, and that IC start to talk on UART line, MCU disconnects from USB. In the bootloader section of the datasheet it talks about using the BCA to disable or enable peripherals. As I see it, we need to set only USB is to be active for the bootlader. Unfortunately, if BCA used, it requires to manually set usbVid, usbPid and usbStringPointer.

VID and PID are no problem, but a String Pointer is a little bit tough. My question is, could we use default String Pointer from ROM, and if yes, what its address. Or, maybe someone has an example of setting Bootloader BCA for Keil or IAR.


Thank you.